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A brief Dean fic

This is the first fanfic I've ever done.  It was written this morning and to be honest, I'm a bit scared to share it.  It's based off a dream I had last night of my mom.  I substituted myself with Dean because I couldn't believe how well it worked.  Also it's 567 words and that's cool, right?

Anyway, since this is my very first fic, any comments or criticisms are most welcomed.  This is the first place I've posted it, so if it's crap, please tell me so I don't go posting it other places and making a fool of myself.  lol  It's angsty!Dean, btw.

Mother Mary Comes To Me

Word Count: 567

AN: This fic could be teen!chesters or any point up to Season 3.  It's just Dean so wherever you want to set this is up to you, O Mighty Reader.  This is my first fic, so comments and criticism are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


Dean knew he was dreaming. It was the only explanation for where he was: lying on his bed in the only true home he'd ever known. He closed his eyes and just breathed in the scents and sounds of Lawrence, Kansas. Something in the back of his Dean's mind said this should be making him sad, but he was finding it just the opposite. He felt at peace for the first time in years.

He stayed like that for a long time.

It was the familiar squeak of the door that broke him out of his daze. He hadn't heard it since he was four, but he'd know that sound anywhere. Dean almost opened his eyes. Almost. But he'd been waiting for the dream to turn into a nightmare since he'd found himself on his old bed. If he kept his eyes closed, he couldn't see the ugliness waiting just outside the door. Dean knew this was irrational. It was a four year old's hope: If you can't see it, it can't see you.

So Dean kept his eyes closed and waited for the nightmare to start. Only it didn't.

I can tell you're not asleep, sweetheart. You've got to sleep when it's nap time.”

Dean couldn't believe his ears. This voice wasn't evil, wasn't a nightmare. It was his mother. He hadn't dreamt about her in years and for a brief moment he wondered why he was dreaming of her now. The moment passed when Dean realized that he didn't care. For now he was going to stay in this dream as long as his mind would let him.

He heard her light footsteps as she walked over to his bed and sat on the edge. Dean wanted so badly to turn over and see her. Every fiber of his being wanted to look up and see her face. To see her look at him. To see her smile.

But something told him to stay still; that the dream would shatter if he even moved an inch. So Dean stayed still.

He felt his mother shift a little on the bed and then he felt her fingers running through is hair, just at his temple. She was making little circles softly against his skin and humming “Hey, Jude” right above him.

Dean broke. Every wall he had fell. He could feel the tears coming and didn't stop them. He laid on the bed with his mother singing and running her fingers through his hair and he cried. Not loudly. Not hard. He just let the tears fall softly.

After a few moments, the dream began to fade. He first noticed when his mother's humming became more faint. Then the fingers in his hair lost their touch. Finally, the weight at his side lessened and then disappeared altogether. His eyes finally opened. Dean began to roll over even if it was just to see an empty room, but a touch on his arm stopped him.

Sleep now, Dean.” A light squeeze on his shoulder. The brush of lips on the top of his head. And she was gone. He knew without looking that his mother had left him. He lingered in sleep a few moments more and then woke.

Dean opened his eyes to a water damaged ceiling and knew he was back to reality. He could still feel the tears on his face.


So?  What do you guys think?  *waits nervously*

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